(Updated: 10/2014)
Oh, hello!  Welcome to my blog.

This blog is mostly for my personal use but if you happen to stumble on it feel free to read through and cook  the recipes that appeal to you.
I created this blog mainly to chronicle our meals- hoping someday my (almost) 6 year old daughter can recreate her childhood meals for her own family.  I would like for her to learn the importance of eating together as a family like how it was for me when I was growing up, always eating home cooked meals every night.   I am a working mother/wife, constantly fighting time to get dinner on the table.  I often wonder how my mother did it.  She was a school teacher and still managed to cook and do all the other chores around the house, not to mention she also had a tight budget for food.  She had four kids. I only have one.  I have no excuse.

Cooking  after a long day at work is definitely a challenge but I try to look at it as a work of love, not a chore.  It is about creating a meal to gather around on as we share the day's events and bond as a family.  There is something about the fragrance of a simmering stew, sautéing onions or pot roast that sets the perfect mood for good conversation.  Also, cooking gives me the right to demand that everybody put aside whatever they are doing (Facebook, Twitter, TV, etc.) and show appreciation for the food I prepared.

I am a self taught home cook, relying on cookbooks, magazines, the internet and recipes from family and friends.  I can cook good Filipino food but my challenge is to cater to my picky eater, my husband (not my daughter), who is not much into Filipino cuisine.  I love to cook and try new things, and do my best to better my cooking skills.  The ones you see here are recipes we like to eat again ..and again.

The photographs are of my own, nowhere near perfect.  I have a tiny counter space so you will not see much in the photos other than the pans and utensils I try to fit in.  Please pardon the same boring  background, i.e. our stained oven and dinged counter tiles.  I have yet to learn how to blur the background.  Someday I hope to a spacious, gorgeous kitchen, like those of the Real Housewives of Anywhere.  Until then, please bear with the imperfections.  

Thank you for visiting my blog.
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