Thursday, May 3, 2012

my life list

this is my life list.  it is different from a bucket list in that it is simply a list of things I hope to do in my lifetime.  It is not a list of must-dos that I need to cross off before this journey is over. My hope is that by writing this list I will have better focus on my priorities and in turn help me to achieve even just some of  them. 

run a 5K 
become a person who exercise regularly
maintain weight below 118 lbs
learn how to can tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits
learn how to sew and make quilt
learn how to bake cakes and make breads
learn how to paint and refinish an old furniture
learn how to make natural organic soap, shampoo and conditioner
learn how to make my own natural laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies
learn how to use a Digital SLR correctly in MANUAL mode
practice yoga
be more environmentally responsible
live simply and minimalistically

visit the Vatican again
visit the Holy Land
visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain 
tour the major cities in Europe
see the pyramids in Egypt
explore ancient Greece
take an Alaskan cruise 
take a helicopter tour of Hawaii
go whale watching
go camping
go sledding
walk the Great Wall of China
walk across the Brooklyn bridge
walk across the Golden Gate bridge
visit Niagara Falls
take Sophia to the top of Eiffel Tower

own a charming old house, all shored up, with a back and front yard
plant a vegetable garden
own a nice dining set
own a nicely upholstered and comfortable sofa set
own a beautiful French country style bedroom set
get rid of clutter and live with LESS belongings
own only furniture that are beautiful and of exceptional quality (the best I can afford)
own only household items that are sustainable, eco-friendly and pretty to look at
get rid of plastic containers completely

make a will
have another child
learn to create a 2 week meal plan
cook everything on my recipe bucket list
incorporate more vegetables and seafood in meals
Attend a spiritual couples retreat
Teach Sophia to speak Tagalog
host a regular family get together -  Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Easter or 4th of July
throw more birthday parties
pray with family regularly
celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Rome
start a family tradition
support my husband to complete a college degree of his choice
support Sophia to complete a college degree of her choice

pray the rosary everyday
read the bible daily
learn how to meditate
get more involved in church
spend a weekend in a monastery
attend a charity event with Sophia
contribute and support an organization that feeds the poor regularly

get a second bachelor's degree
pay off all debt and live debt free
save enough money to cover a year's expense
manage my own business however small it may be
find a job that i love
create a budget and stick to it

save enough money to put Sophia through college
make enough money to afford to buy a modest house

use only organic natural make-ups
apply more sunscreen
get into the habit of using lotion and moisturizers
wear perfume regularly again
narrow my wardrobe down to only quality, beautiful pieces that I can wear often
buy clothes and shoes only that are classic and in the best quality I can afford

take a picture every day for a year
create a family tree
fly a kite (with Sophia)
have a lemonade stand (with Sophia)
observe the life of a butterfly (with Sophia)
visit NASA (with Sophia)
go on date nights regularly (with husband)

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  1. Feyfay! I haven't been to this blog for a while. Wonderful list you have here. Shows how you have your priorities straight. Many people our age have them mixed up.


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