Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homemade Coffee Cinnamon Body Scrub

a long soak in the tub becomes such a treat once you have a young child. thank goodness my daughter is old enough now that i can finally take my sweet time in the shower. while there might not be enough time to indulge in bubble baths with candle light, surely there is more than enough time for a good scrub. there is no more excuse for my neglect.

the skin on my arms tells me i am due for a body scrub. it looks dull, and it feels tight and dry. it's begging me for some tlc.


so i decided to make my own scrub out of  ingredients i have available, and with some help from the book make your place.  i made a concoction of  sugar, coffee and grapeseed oil. i chose grapeseed oil for it's anti-aging benefits, because it helps reduce the size of pores, and because it is a lighter oil than olive oil.  and i chose coffee because.... i love the smell of coffee!  later on i read that coffee has many healing properties when applied to the skin and that it protects the skin from damage by the sun. 

if this body scrub will do wonders for your skin i have no clue. but it's worth a try.  after all it is so easy and quick to make.  if anything i can guarantee that you will love the smell (if you like coffee).  for me, i don't see the point of using store bought body scrub ever again. the smell was divine, and it left my skin feeling softer and smoother without spending a fortune. the only problem is i keep wanting to lick it. the good news is, all ingredients are natural and edible so there is nothing to worry about.


1/4 cup still-damp coffee grounds (used)
1/4 cup dry ground coffee (unused)
1/2 cup white sugar
2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
3 teaspoon ground cinnamon
about 1/4 cup grapeseed oil or olive oil (just enough to make a paste like mixture with the above ingredients)

to make, put all the ingredients in a clean jar big enough to hold everything. mix ingredients together.  store in cool dry place.  the scrub will keep for 2 months.

to use, rub the scrub around your clean damp skin for about 30 seconds or so. if scrubbing the whole body, do the legs first, then the arms, then torso. always rub towards your heart. rinse and pat dry.


  1. That must smell wonderful! Update us after a few more uses.


    1. i love it so far. it's coarser than pure salt or sugar scrub but that's what my skin need right now (but it's definitely not for the face). i like that it's all natural.


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