Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's March, which means Spring is just around the corner.  Spring is seen as a time of regrowth, of renewal, of  new life.  

Lately, I am getting bored with the same old routine.  The bad traffic and the long drive to work everyday is starting to get on my nerves.  After five years!  

I feel it's time for a new job.  A fresh start.  

But first, I need to work on having more confidence in myself.  Correction, I have to learn to have more confidence in God.  Glennon at Momastery today wrote a beautiful post on confidence and humility.  I feel it was spot on.  I quote my favorite part,


"If I am humble but lack confidence, it is because I haven’t accepted that there is a divine spark inside of me. If I am humble but not confident, it’s because I don’t believe in the miracle that I was made by God for a purpose all my own, and so I am worthy of the space that I occupy on this Earth. And that as a Child of God, no one deserves more respect, joy, or peace than I. As a child of God, I have the right to speak, to feel, to think, and to believe what I believe. Those dreams in my heart, those ideas in my head, they are real and they have a divine origin and so they are worth exploring. Just because I am a child of God. And thankfully, there is nothing I can add to that title to make it more impressive. There is also nothing I can do to lose that title. I am confident not because I am pretty or smart or athletic or talented or kind. Those things change and can be given and taken. I am confident simply because I am a child of God."


Isn't that beautiful?  I bookmarked that because I would like to read it often... until it is deeply rooted in my brain {and heart}.

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