Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Things

1)  Although I was feeling under the weather last weekend I tried my hardest to keep my promise to take Sophia to the Natural History Museum to see some dinosaur specimens.  The new 14,000 sq. ft. Dinosaur Hall displays one of the most stunning Tyrannosaurus rex exhibit I have ever seen.

2) I'll tell you, I'm a pretty good home cook.  But I admit I will never be able to pull off something like this Roasted Lamb and this Tonkatsu Ramen.

3) I need to make a two-week grocery plan like this gal. It's embarrassing to admit but I go to Trader Joe's almost everyday.  I mean, every crew there know me now and they tell me I might as well work there since I'm there all the time.  I am such a bad meal planner.  I don't write grocery lists which makes me prone to forgetting important ingredients and things we need around the house.  And dinner, I only think of it while driving home from work while stuck on the I-5.  Luckily TJ is right by my house so it is not much of a hassle to stop by on my way home.  But, my daily trip to the store is costing us a bit more money.  I need to wise up and start creating a weekly menu.

4) I won a trip to Maui for two! through St. Anthony's school fundraising.  I only paid $10, five raffle tickets at $2 each.  I am so blessed I couldn't contain it for a few days. Of course, we can't leave Sophia behind so we'll have to pay extra for her to come.  I am excited!!!  This is going to be our first family trip ever outside of California, and the best thing is that it is all paid for for the most part. How cool is that?!

5) Did you watch the Oscar's?  I didn't.  However I saw the video of Sacha Baron Cohen dumping Kim Jong II ashes on Ryan Seacrest.  That was probably the highlight of the event anyway. Oh, and Angelina Jolie's right leg too perhaps?

6)  Our annual employee evaluation at the office is coming up and I am all stressed out.  I am planning to negotiate for a salary increase.  I am thinking....and praying ...and praying some more. What will I say?   I am rehearsing the words in my head.  But first, I need guts!  I want to be able to negotiate effectively....and without tears!

7)  I read this article about the importance of play.  I recommend all parents with young kids to read it.  I am guilty of pushing Sophia a bit too early in her academics.  She's known her alphabet since she was 18 months old and she just started writing her name.  I am proud of her!  I would like for her to succeed, and just like every mother I want her to get ahead of other kids her age.  It is nice to be reminded that play at this age is very  important.  It is in playing where they learn self-regulation.  They learn how to handle their emotions through free play.

8)  I bought a similar Sha D'Lei Kantha Tote on impulse and I am mad at myself.   It's ummm... a little too big for me and it's a final sale.  Ooops!

9) This blog posts about exotic Ilocano food.  It makes me miss home and the food so much.  Yeah, it gets really exotic sometimes but it is what it is.  Don't click on the link if you have a weak stomach. :)

10)  It's lent.  What are you giving up?  Aside from not eating meat on Fridays I am also not logging on Facebook on Fridays.   Does that count? I know, shame on me!  Ok, I'm giving up soda too.  How is that?

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