Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So What's the Best Way to Cook a Turkey ?

I am Filipino so I am not really familiar with the whole Thanksgiving shebang.  But I have always been curious about cooking the big bird, the centerpiece, the star of every table this holiday.  Every Thanksgiving I brush up on all the methods I could find but in the end it's my Mother-in-Law who does the turkey.  I must admit, I dream that one day shall be my turn ... to experience it and simply because I know I could do a good job on that bird.

I have no thanksgiving dish to share but there are some good links I found on how to cook the turkey.  Someday given the chance, I will try these :

The Turkey:
Simply Recipe's Mom's Roast Turkey
Oven Bag Roasted Turkey
Divide and Conguer - Diagonal Split Turkey
Zuni Style Roast Turkey
Alton Brown's Roast Turkey

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