Friday, January 14, 2011

Brussels Sprouts

The beauty of brussels sprouts is bewitching to me. Because they are beautiful I am always tempted to buy them even if I have not really figured out the best way to cook them. 
Up to this day I'm still looking for that perfect recipe.  I have boiled them whole, sauteed them halved, steamed them, shredded & sauteed them in olive oil and garlic, and even cream-braised them in quarters but I have not found the perfect dish to make of them.Maybe I am expecting too much...

My husband claims he likes how I have cooked it.  And goes on to say that they are a good side dish.  I am not looking for a recipe to make it as a main dish but I would want something more from my cute hard-headed green friends. I don't mind that they stink a little, I've smelled worse! And I don't mind that they get mildly bitter - I actually like that.  So far the best I have prepared them in my opinion is when I popped them in the microwave then added them to roast with the Zuni Roasted Chicken

But I am not giving up on these cute cabbages. I will keep trying and I know the right recipe will come.

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