Friday, May 11, 2012

sometimes, it's the little things

sometimes, it's the little things – it’s a new project I have on this unknown blog of mine. Every week I will post some things (in tangible representations) that made me smile. The main goal is for me to learn to better appreciate the beauty in the little things around me. I admit, sometimes life gets too busy that I forget to stop and smell the roses. My hope in the end is to have a more profound appreciation for my blessings, to gain a deeper connection with nature and the added bonus of improving my photography skills in the process.

As someone wise once said,

"When you learn to appreciate the little things in life then you can truly live."~Anonymous

So here it is! For this week, five little things that made me smile.

1. this lens
because it has been awhile since i got a new toy and it complements my other micro four third gadgets.

2. this poached egg
because there is nothing like having a good breakfast in the morning before work, and I finally learned how to make it right. 

3. This curtain panel
because it is perfect for our need - a dress for the window that allows light and privacy.  And most importantly, it hides those hideous blinds that keep falling off.

4.  This plant
because somehow I feel it helps relieve my stress and reminds me to live greener.

5. these little flowers (star jasmines)
for even though they get in my way, their fragrance makes me forget that I live in this run down apartment building.

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