Thursday, June 14, 2012

eighty eight

she is my grandma... the wife of my mom's mom's brother {get it}?  sounds like a distant grandmother but in reality she is so much closer. she is sort of a mother and grandmother rolled into one for me. she does not have children of her own but she has been a "mother" figure to me and my cousins.  she has given me so much love, inspiration and words of wisdom over the years that i lived with her.  i look up to her as much as i do my own mother.  she is a kindhearted woman, always in good spirits and full of life.  and never for once in the 8 years that i lived with her have i seen her get mad or in a bad mood.  {i've always thought people get grouchy with age.}  i aspire to be like her when i'm old.  i hope to take after her cheerfulness, grateful heart and a positive outlook in life.

she turns 88 years old today. doesn't she look good for her age? {yes, the picture above was taken this year} she is one of the most beautiful woman i know, beautiful inside and out.  she won't tell her secret to beautiful skin and long life but from living with her, i think i know what it is:  drink lots of arrowhead mountain spring water, eat salmon (or other fish) everyday, use jergens lotion, moisturize face with ponds cream and be happy.

happy birthday my lola!

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