Friday, June 22, 2012

sometimes, it's the little things

this week i'm thankful for....

1. this decorated paper cup,
because in it is a seed of a sunflower.  the idea of growing a plant from seed got my daughter excited (and me too!)  she and i decorated it and sophia has been watering it diligently everyday. she is waiting patiently for the seed to sprout.

2. this carafe,
because the size is perfect for my lemon water. having a lemon water readily available means i am less likely to grab a bottled water.

3. this sweet pea sprouts,
because even if the sunflower seed above is not showing any signs of life, this was enough to make my daughter happy and proud.

4. this minor home improvement project,
because at last there is something adorning our bathroom wall.  i have been meaning to do something nice on that wall for two years.

5. this coconut chocolate ice cream from Trader Joe's,
because it was the perfect treat on a hot summer afternoon.  it is dairy free (and vegan), yet so deliciously creamy and smooth.  yumm!

i hope you had a beautiful week. what are you thankful for?
have a nice weekend!


  1. Growing plants from seeds is a good exercise in patience and stewardship, especially for children. My freshmen college students had a plant project for environmental science. You can see how their attitude changed from the start to the end of the sem.

    1. our local museum had a family day and planting seeds was one the activities for the kids. it's a nice start to teach kids about nature and caring for the environment.


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