Thursday, June 21, 2012

tabletop terrariums

i felt our tiny apartment needed something green to liven it up a bit so i bought these beautiful terrariums at the farmer's market last weekend. i purchased two, one for our dining table and one given as gift to a family member celebrating her birthday.  inspired by west elm i thought of making it myself but the vendor at the market were selling them at a good price, $15 for the bigger one and $12 for the smaller one.

the succulents will keep inside the glass for at least four months.  when they are taller they can be transferred to a bigger pot.  they are very low maintenance, mine needs only 7 sprays of water once a week. the smaller terrarium needs only 2 sprays once a week.  i'm pretty sure i will be able to keep them alive. 


  1. These look so pretty! My Mom had us make terrariums as children. I guess it helps children be more patient.

    Hold on, let me post this on FB.

    1. Thanks for sharing it on fb, Karen!


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