Wednesday, July 11, 2012

is your life too plastic?

watch the bag it movie and i guarantee you will start to cringe at the sight of every grocery plastic bags, or maybe even any kind of plastic. it is a documentary shot by a man (and his wife), as he educates himself on the scourge of plastic.

that we use millions and millions of plastic grocery bags only to throw it away in the trash is just an eye opener. the video goes deeper into the subject. we all know plastic bottles and containers go in the recycle bin, but not all of us know the difficulty and the costs involved in recycling plastic. then there are those plastics that cannot be recycled and just ends up in great pacific garbage gyre.

i won't go into details. it's a great documentary on how plastic has invaded our lives and is now destroying the planet we live in, and our very own lives.

briefly, i'd like to jot down a few little things we can do to help alleviate the accumulation of plastic wastes (as mentioned in the movie):

don't drink bottled water
choose products with less packaging
think outside the bag, bring your own container
buy less stuff
buy used
recycle comes after reusing and reducing
avoid plastics with #3, 6, 7
simplify your life


  1. Very true! We are living in a society that seems to be wrapped with plastic. Makes you wonder how we will fare in ten to twenty years.

    1. sadly i'm guilty of it too like the rest of the world. this morning it dawned on me i wrap my child's sandwich in a plastic baggie .. that's about 500ct to date, ugh! no more sandwiches in a baggie from now on.


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