Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the museum of flying

last weekend was full of activities.  saturday i joined sophia for parent and child swimming class. terror in the shallows (both me and her) i tell you, but we made it.

we then had a quick lunch at spitfire grill with my mother-in-law, followed by an impromptu visit to the museum of flying right next door. the museum reopened in february at its new location at the santa monica airport.  the museum's main features are : a replica of the wright flyer, the fedex boeing 727 nose section, the yak-3 world war 2 soviet fighter aircraft, a mini flight simulator for children to learn about pitch, yaw and roll, and  a T-33 cockpit trainer. entrance fee is $10 which is a bit overpriced in my opinion but i just think of it as a small donation for the museum's expansion project  :)

{my favorite. the yakovlev yak-3 was a world war ii soviet fighter aircraft. this beauty registered 14 victories.}

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