Friday, July 20, 2012

sometimes, it's the little things

this week i'm thankful for....

1. this cybidium yellow orchid
because it has been flowering for months, and it's butter yellow color is beautiful.

2. this church at the top of the hill (viewed from the porch at my grandma's house)
because it sparks holiness within me every time i see it.  i've always been curious what church it is and found out it is st. andrew ukrainian orthodox church. 

3. this pup (my grandnephew)
he's a boxer and his name is tyson. i think that's funny.  my daughter enjoyed playing with him even though he is a little mischievous.

4. ferns
because i see them everywhere these days and those tiny dots on them are such nice details. 

5. green garlic, or young garlic (whatever you want to call it)
because they are a delicacy in my province and it's difficult to find them anywhere here.  i found them growing in the backyard of a mansion in beverly hills of all places! they gave me a generous amount and i shared most of it to my grandma. she loves these!  i stopped by her place and stored it in her fridge this morning while she was still asleep. sneaky! {recipe for this to follow}

i hope you had a beautiful week. what are you thankful for?
have a nice weekend!

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