Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes, it's the little things.

This week i am thankful for...

1. this inabel throw
because it's from my Mommy, with love, all the way from my hometown. And because this is hand woven the old Ilocano way. 

2. this iced tea ...
because it was perfect for the hot summer we've been having.

3. these blueberry muffins 
because I am not good at baking but this one came out delicious.  And it was a good bonding moment with my little girl.

4. this cherry pitter.
I thought it was a useless tool until I found out my little girl loves cherries and I had to remove pits one by one with a knife. This pitter makes it so much easier.

5. this container
because not a piece of it is made of plastic. Enough said.

i hope you had a beautiful week. what are you thankful for?
have a nice weekend!

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