Sunday, June 10, 2012

la brea tar pits and museums

museums, tar pits, park area.  we love this place! 

lacma is a special place for our family.  the husband and i had most of our first dates there.  after a while we stopped going there but this year we found our way back.  there were a lot of remodeling and improvements done over the years.  it is a much more fun place to go now than it was back then.  it has been sophia's first choice when we ask her where she wants to go on the weekends.  she loves rolling down the hill by the page museum.  

we have not explored the exhibits at the lacma, but we have managed to go see the fossils displayed at the page museum twice. our daughter is currently fond of the saber toothed cats, mammoths and dire wolves fossils there... i find myself amused too!

one thing we like about the place too is that you can buy lunches at the different food trucks parked on wilshire blvd. and eat it either at the tables at lacma or under the trees at the park.  an impromtu picnic!

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